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Dream of: 07 August 1987 "Phosphorescent Buddha"

concentration on

the voice of god sometimes yields

marvelous results

Two enemy armies were assembled on a large battlefield. Although the men appeared to be dressed in battle garb such as might have been worn by the ancient Greeks or Romans, the soldiers appeared quite sophisticated in their methods of fighting. Although physical prowess was still important to them, the battle apparently would be waged on a spiritual, perhaps mystical, level.

I identified with a strong muscular warrior on one side. He was dressed in battle gear and appeared to wear a metal breast plate and a sort of robe or skirt which fell toward his knees. Although I was not he, I perceived the scene from his vantage point and I shared his experiences.

This particular warrior was going to be important in the coming battle and his actions would determine the outcome of the war. The side he was on had only perhaps one tenth the number of warriors as the other side. Therefore, to win, some extraordinary measures would need to be taken. It was decided that the warrior must make a quick journey to a place where another warrior with superhuman powers was located, and bring the superhuman back to fight in the battle. The superhuman was practically unconquerable.

The warrior wasn't thrilled at the idea of making the journey, but he quickly saw that the journey must be undertaken. The warrior began walking among the other warriors as they cleared a path for him. As he walked, I was seeing what he saw. He was in the process of feeling the strength within him and in so doing, a bluish phosphorescent image of a Buddha formed in front of him and acted as sort of a light clearing his path. The power of the Buddha was quite stark and that power reverberated in the warrior. I also felt it.

The warrior began his journey to find the superhuman. He first traveled deep into the earth on circular steps which descended down a vertical tunnel. Athough the descent seemed interminable, the warrior finally reached the bottom and stepped out onto a field with sky overhead. He had expected to find another army and the superhuman there. Instead, the fields were deserted and from the looks of the area, a battle had clearly taken place and the army he was seeking had retreated under the assault of superior forces.

The warrior began tracking the route of the retreat over fields and through broken fences. He traveled on and on.

Eventually, I found myself in the middle of a battle. Considerably fewer soldiers were on my side than on the other side. My fellow soldiers and I were completely surrounded and it appeared the enemy was about to begin bombarding us with arrows. I was ready to fight and I felt little fear, although I was concerned about not having a shield and about not having a chance to actually fight because of being killed by an arrow.

Finally, I was called in front of one of my superiors and told that I must search for the warrior with the extraordinary powers. Apparently he was in San Antonio. I knew I was quite a ways north of San Antonio, although I did not know exactly how far. Clearly San Antonio would be difficult to reach because enemy troops were between me and San Antonio.

Ultimately I ended up headed toward San Antonio in an old, beat-up car being driven by John Smith (an acquaintance from my late teens). It did not occur to me that John Smith had died several years ago, although being with him did seem a bit strange.

John seemed to be driving a bit recklessly and suddenly as we sailed around a curve, I saw that he was going to run off the road into a green field. I prepared myself for the crash. The car rolled over, but finally it turned back over on its wheels and I realized that neither John nor I had been injured.

We both stepped from the car and looked it over. It looked a bit damaged, but as if it might still run. We both boarded the car and prepared to set off again.

Commentary September 2016

one's interrupted

concentration on the voice

of god bekons one

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