Dream of: 05 August 1987 (2) "Fundambulism"

I was happy to see that Weinstein had come to see me for a short visit and the two of us walked along a city street while I tried to decide what we would will do. We were near a building where Judith (a Dallas acquaintance) was living and I considered taking Weinstein to meet Judith. Judith's quarters in the building were back in the corner somewhere along some narrow, uneven halls and I was slightly concerned Weinstein might find the place a little spooky. Plus I hesitated because I was unsure Weinstein would relate well with Judith. Personally I found something intriguing and rather fascinating about Judith's somewhat bizarre way of living, but I was unsure Weinstein would feel the same. Finally I decided I would like for the two to meet, although I didn't want to stay at Judith's place for more than a few minutes.

Weinstein was wearing a black tuxedo with long tails, had on a black top hat and might have even been carrying a black cane. But instead of seeming formal, his attire had a real clownish quality about it. There was a sort of liveliness in this clownish outfit which made me regard Weinstein as a rather unusual and interesting character. I felt as if he and I were probably going to have a good time together while he was here.

I briefly explained to him that I was taking him to visit Judith and I also told him I had already told Judith quite a bit about him. He half jokingly asked whether I had told her about a certain event where he and I had been involved in a brief sexual encounter together many years ago. I immediately knew what he was referring to since it was one of my more painful memories. I actually wasn't quite sure I had told Judith about it, although it seemed as if I probably had. I explained that Judith might know, but Weinstein didn't really seem all that concerned.

As I proceeded along, I thought about telling Weinstein about a recent newspaper or magazine article I had written which had contained word "fundambulism" in its title.

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