Dream of: 26 July 1987 "Dead And Buried"

I had come to visit a house where it seemed a relative of mine was living. Behind the house was a second small house which only had one room. I walked up to the door of the small house and on the door found a little card with a picture of flowers on it.

I recalled that my sister had died in the little house a couple months ago. This was the first time I had been to the little house since my sister's death. I recalled her body lying in the house after she had died. I noticed another card with a picture of what appeared to be a lily on it on one of the windows of the house.

I felt rather shook up and walked away from the house without even going in. I walked over to a grassy area and sat down in the grass. A woman who was my relative came out, walked up beside me and said, "I understand how you feel."

I thought about how strange it was that my sister had died. The impact seemed to just now be hitting me.

My father seemed to be nearby and I thought about how painful it had been for him and my mother to have lost my sister at this stage in their lives.

The woman sat down beside me; I felt overcome with emotion. Tears formed in my eyes and one tear dropped on the woman. I knew she felt it and I was glad she saw me crying. She tried to comfort me. It seemed so incomprehensible to me that my sister could be dead and buried under the ground. Yet I knew it was true.

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