Dream of: 23 July 1987 "Small Silver Ball"

My good friend from Dallas, Eloise LaGrone, and I had gotten together to sit and meditate in a Zen setting. Previously, Eloise had made a promise to me concerning a small silver ball on which she was supposed to concentrate during the sitting, but she broke her promise. I was actually unsure of the exact purpose of the ball, and I was likewise unsure as to why Eloise had broken her promise to concentrate on it.

Suddenly Eloise looked at me; it was clear to both of us why she has broken the promise. If she were to concentrate on the little silver ball, it would fly into the front part of her head like a bullet, blast away the back part of her head and kill her.

I remembered I had actually had two brothers to whom that had already happened.

So it was clear to me why she would be somewhat hesitant to participate in that action. But I also thought that if she would do it, that it wouldn't actually hurt her, and that no pain would be involved.

We sat down together to mediate. I was unsure whether she was going to concentrate on the little silver ball and let her mind be blown away or not; it was simply not clear.

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