Dream of: 20 July 1987 "Feeling Liberated"

It was morning and I was in the front seat of a car being driven by Vestal (administrator of a Dallas County Criminal Court). Although we were supposed to be heading for the Dallas County Courthouse to work, we were actually driving around the streets of New Boston near Portsmouth. I decided I would like for us to stop and eat something and Vestal pulled over. We sat down at a table along the sidewalk and waited for a while to be served, but no one came. Finally I realized it was too early, and besides, I actually didn't see any restaurants around us; I suggested that we go somewhere else.

In the car again, we were driving in the direction of Portsmouth and I was trying to think of a restaurant where we could go. I finally mentioned the Terminal restaurant and Vestal said that would be fine with her.

My mind was actually not that concerned with eating and was much more preoccupied with other matters, such as the fact that Vestal had placed her hand on mine and we had begun holding hands.

Although Vestal was in her 60s, she seemed much younger than that and I concluded that she was 41 years old. Whatever age she was, I had definitely become strongly sexually attracted to her. In fact, her age seemed to add to the allure. The idea of having sex with an older woman seemed erotic to me, especially since she seemed to be in very good physical shape and since she seemed to have somehow retained her youthfulness.

She was wearing a dress which came to just above her knee. Audaciously, I laid my left hand on the bare skin above her right knee. I thought she might push my hand away, but she let it lie there. The feel of her bare skin quickly worked its effect on my mind and I found my sexual passion quickly growing. I was very perceptive to the feel of her skin. It wasn't extremely soft, and I could feel a few hairs which she apparently hadn't shaved off. So it wasn't so much the pleasure of the sensation of touch which was arousing me, but simply the fact that she was allowing me to touch her.

I was eagerly thinking of actually trying to move my hand farther up her leg. The idea was terrible exciting. The thought that someone like Vestal would actually be permitting this kind of action on my part was extremely erotic. I had always thought of her as someone who definitely wouldn't participate in something like this, especially with a man so much younger than she. All my thoughts flowing together, combined with the reality of my hand on her bare skin, caused my mind to be consumed with sexual desire.

I moved my fingers on her leg, lightly and gently caressing her. In the process I moved my hand slightly farther up her leg, just a little under her dress. She was obviously extremely aware of what I was doing and although she seemed confused as to whether she should let me proceed, she likewise seemed to be becoming somewhat overwhelmed by her sexual desires.

I realized she was married and I was vaguely concerned about her husband, but it wasn't all that important. If she wasn't going to worry about it, then why should I? I wonder if when she had been a younger woman whether she had ever gone out with other men while she had been married. I hadn't imagined her doing it before, but now it seemed that that may indeed have been a possibility.

Her face seemed flushed and the color made her look even more attractive.

I continued caressing her leg and with my caresses I gradually proceeded farther and farther up her leg. She didn't stop me, although she did press her legs somewhat together at times and I could tell she was nervous and unsure whether she should let me proceed. As my hand moved farther up her leg, I became aware of how the amount of hair I was feeling was growing. The hair felt very pleasant to me and aroused me even more.

Finally I had proceeded so far that my hand was very near her pubic region and I thought I must be close to encountering her panties. I was surprised to find just how dense the hair was here and I realized I was actually already feeling her pubic hairs. She must have extremely dense hair around her pubic area and the hair must stick out all around her panties. She likewise was obviously very aroused at this point and I doubted she was going to resist.

I continued forward until I could feel her panties. How pleasing. I pressed my hand against her pubic region, I formed my hand into a cup and place it over her pubic area and pressed against it. Indeed the hair in her pubic region was extremely dense. I could feel just how much hair there was under my hand beneath her panties.

By now my thoughts were racing so fast and furious I could hardly tell fantasy from reality. I could vividly imagine my placing my fingers under the edges of her panties and searching out the moist entrance to her vagina. It seemed so real to imagine her being completely consumed with sexual desire, spreading her legs apart and letting me explore her pubic area at will with my fingers.

I forgot about the restaurant. We needed to find a motel immediately. I thought I knew where one is.

I felt liberated. The time for indecision concerning sex was past. Now was the time to begin to have as much sex with as many women as possible. I knew of two other women at the courthouse who I could likewise probably have sex with: Francis and Marsha. Especially Marsha. She was quite attractive and I was sure having sex with her would be a highly pleasurable event.

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