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Dream of: 18 July 1987 "Possessed"

I had gone to visit some young people (probably in their late teens); I felt quite young myself. We seemed to be in the bedroom of a large country mansion, almost a castle. A couple fellows and a couple girls were there. One of the girls was named Bianca. The girls were both quite beautiful and appeared to be Hispanic. They had long black hair and dark eyes.

Everyone left the room for a while except me and one of the girls. She was dressed quite provocatively and was lying on the floor. Although I hadn't thought about it before, it now occurred to me that I would like to have some physical contact with her and I lay down next to her. She seemed unwilling, however, especially since she only met me today, and she drew back from me.


I was alone in the room and was packing my things, which I had scattered all about. There were some clothes, a black pair of pants, and a number of notebooks which I packed into my green back pack. I realized it was fortunate that I had brought the back pack with me.

Before I finished, one of the fellows (whose name was Peter) returned. I talked with him briefly and I expressed my displeasure about having been left alone, even thought I was gradually beginning to realize the reason why I was alone. Something was quite amiss at the mansion and something dangerous was taking place.


I was standing in front of the mansion looking at its large rock walls. It was quite impressive. But my thoughts were occupied by the revelation of what the problem here was. The other fellow (not Peter) was possessed. I wasn't exactly sure of the nature of the possession or what was possessing him, but clearly something or someone had control over his mind. I felt rather helpless when I thought about it.


The fellow who was possessed had returned to the mansion and was standing in front of it. In his hand he was holding a sheaf from which he extracted a knife. The fellow was obviously under the control of some other power and it appeared that in this state, he might be going to harm someone.

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