Dream of: 15 July 1987 (2) "Bearing My Teeth"

In front of me I was holding a picture which I had taken of myself; I was surprised by what I saw. The material on the surface of the picture allowed different images to be seen depending on the angle at which the picture was held. In part of the picture I could see a partial image of my face, which showed me bearing my teeth like a dog or wolf. My teeth all looked good and strong, but the pose was rather bizarre and alarming.

I turned the picture upside down and now was able to see most of my head. All around my head were what appear to be crystals composed of interconnecting lines of all different colors in which a blue hue predominated.

I kept turning the picture and then noticed a large eye in the picture. Apparently that was a result of a picture being taken of my eye when I was looking into the camera to take the picture.

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