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Dream of: 15 July 1987 "Mind Probe"

I had gone somewhere to be tested to see if I had the AIDS virus. Another woman who had taken an AIDS test was standing in the room into which I walked and apparently she didn't want to know the results of her tests. A man who appeared to be a doctor talked to her and told her that she had tested negative and that she didn't have the AIDS virus.

I was unsure whether I had already taken the test and I asked the doctor about it. He said, "You've got some of the symptoms."

I asked, "Do I have the HIV virus?"

He answered, "That hasn't been determined yet."

I asked, "What are the symptoms."

He answered, "Nervousness."

He also added that another symptom was the lightness of my sleep. I said, "Well you should have seen me years ago."

It seemed obvious that I had some kind of problem, but apparently I hadn't yet taken the test and he was about to run a few tests on me.

The doctor (probably in his mid 30s) was dressed in white and he vaguely reminded me of someone I knew named Ira Taylor. After another man walked in and sat down, the doctor asked me to sit down and told me to look at something. The thing he had me looking at really didn't look like anything to me. All I saw was something black with perhaps a dot of light in the middle. But as I looked, I could tell that the doctor and the other man were somehow looking into my mind.

It appeared that I was being hypnotized. The doctor then said, "You will go back 3 years."

Suddenly something happened and I said something. But basically I remained quiet and listened to what was being said to me. He then said, "Go back another 3 years."

All the while I continued looking at the little light in the darkness in front of me. The little light was coming from a machine about two meters away from me and apparently something was being shot into my mind. Something clicked and I seemed immobilized. I could only listen to what the man was saying. All the while I had the feeling the man was delving into my mind and seeing things there, in essence reading my mind.

The doctor asked a question and it sounded as if he had asked me if I had been convicted of something. I hesitated to answer the question and I really didn't want to talk about it. I remembered having once been in jail in Iran, but I had never been actually convicted of anything in Iran. But it seemed as if I had been convicted of some minor offenses.

I asked, "Is the question, 'Have I been convicted?' Yes I've been convicted."

He said, "For pot smoking?"

I answered, "Yes, for pot smoking."

He said, "That's what I thought."

I thought about saying that I knew I had done some damage to my mind, but I didn't say anything. It definitely seemed that marijuana had somehow affected my mind.

I was quite nervous, but I seemed unable to do much about it at that point. I felt very disoriented and disassociated with myself. I seemed to be having a hard time grasping who I was and what was going on. I knew what was happening was important, but I couldn't seem to focus. I said, "You've got to tell me what you're doing. I have no idea what you're doing."

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