Dream of: 14 July 1987 (2) "Window Peeping"

It was quite late at night and I was standing on the porch of a house across the street from Sussie's house on Franklin Avenue in Portsmouth. Someone who was apparently Sussie's father walked out onto the porch of Sussie's house. Another fellow who was apparently Sussie's brother then likewise walked onto the porch.

Suddenly a fellow all dressed in red and carrying something which looked like a bag of groceries ran out from behind Sussie's house. He took off running down the street while the two men on the porch just stood and watched him. Apparently the fellow had been window peeping. Suddenly one of the two men on the porch took off chasing the fellow.

It occurred to me that if they could find out where the fellow had bought the groceries, it might be possible to identify him.

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