Dream of: 14 July 1987 "Ghostly Ball"

I and 15-20 people went to investigate a country house, which was very strange, perhaps haunted. One woman appeared to be in charge and was leading the group. Once we were inside the house, strange things began to happen, such as objects suddenly breaking. Everyone was quite apprehensive and sticking close together.

The woman in charge decided that we needed to begin destroying the house, and that we should begin making holes in the walls. People began pounding, tearing, sawing and cutting holes in the walls. One man in the kitchen had some kind of wire saw which he was pulling back and forth across a bar, sawing it. I myself told the woman that there should be no problem in wrecking the house and I thought I might begin by breaking out windows.

I had some kind of little gun which I shot at, and broke, a small mirror hanging on the wall.

I decided to open a door and let some air in. When I did so, however, I was startled by some kind of ghost-like apparition in front of me and I screamed. The image was very peculiar. It was white against a black background, but it actually consisted of the small, white images of many people (apparently representing the very people here in the house with me) and they were all crowded and swarming around each other trying to get into the middle of the group.

The people fit together like white pieces of a kaleidoscope or a puzzle against a black background. They were all moving together in an intricate pattern and everyone was trying to get in the middle of the ghostly ball. The different people also reminded me of a picture I had seen of Byzantine people. They were saying, "I want to crowd in right into the middle of the all together ball. Why don't we get all together? Why don't we get all together?"

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