Dream of: 13 July 1987 (3) "Private Helicopter"

I was in the back yard of a house talking with my father, who apparently owned the house. I noticed a blond-haired fellow (probably in his late 20s) had walked up the back stairs of the house and he appeared to be going to go inside. Yes, he did walk inside, and since I didn't know who he was, I headed for the house. But before I could reach the door he stepped back out. He quickly informed me he had come to do some work on the house. Apparently he was a plumber, because he began talking about problems with the water pipes and the fact that a lot of pressure was building up in the water lines below the house.

I noticed he had a couple holes in one of his ears for wearing earrings. That fact caused me to somewhat mistrust him.


I was talking with my father again. We were sitting in a car behind the house and a black woman and her young son were with us. It wasn't not entirely clear, but it appeared she might want to do some work for my father. But she had a problem as to what to do with her son during the day. She didn't want to send him to day care, apparently because he wasn't taught anything there and didn't like it. Although the boy also appeared to be here with us, I was unsure of his age. It could be anywhere between two and seven.

It occurred to me that if the boy were old enough, I really wouldn't mind keeping him during the day. I could put him to work cutting out collage pictures for me and I could even pay him something. But keeping him would be difficult and I decided doing so probably wouldn't be best right now.


I was standing in the back yard, talking to another son (probably 16-17 years old) of the black woman. As we talked, I noticed he was white. He must have been adopted by the black woman. And I realized the younger son was only half black, so his father must have been white.

The boy with whom I was talking with seemed nice enough, but then I noticed he was smoking a cigarette. Obviously he had some serious problems.


The boy and I had wandered over next to the neighbor's back yard and I was suddenly surprised to see two small helicopters sitting here. At first they looked very small, as if they are only big enough for one person to barely squeeze into. One was red and white and little more than a tiny round cubicle with a propeller over top of it.

When I looked again, however, they looked a little larger and I noticed one had four seats on it all crowded together; it had no sides so everything was completely exposed. The wind was blowing, causing the propeller to turn. And the turning propeller was causing some clicking on the instrument panel.

Looking more closely at the other helicopter, I saw it also has a rather elaborate instrument panel. It looked like it had one seat and next to it a type of little wooden building big enough for perhaps one person to sit in. Quite unusual looking for a helicopter.

How nice it must be to have your own helicopter and just fly around whenever you wanted.

I noticed some electrical wires strung right over the helicopter and I wondered how the owner took off without hitting them. Perhaps the helicopter was so light, it could be carried a little further back in the yard where there were no electrical wires so it could take off from there.

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