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Dream of: 13 July 1987 (2) "Experimental Horror Movie"

A black-haired fellow and I were going to a movie together. While I was buying the tickets, he walked on in and sat down. I soon followed, but inside I had a difficult time finding him because so many people were in here. Finally I heard someone call my name and I saw my second cousin Jeff sitting with several other fellows. The fellow who had been with me was among them. There were four or five of them and since they were lined up from the aisle, I had to squeeze past them over toward the middle and sit down.

The movie began, and it was obviously a horror show. The action rapidly proceeded until some peculiar things began happening out in the audience. It appeared that as part of the show, people in the audience were actually attacked and some were even killed. Suddenly someone jumped up almost right in front of me and brutally stabbed another young fellow in the chest. The blood splashed from his chest. I just sat and watched, uncomprehending. Actually my mind almost seemed numb, although it was registering what was taking place.

Some of the blood from the boy who was stabbed splattered onto the back of the seat in front of me, on which I had been resting my knees. I pulled my knees away, looked at my pants and saw some spots of blood on my pants. How disgusting. I couldn't even come into a theater without someone splattering blood all over me. And these were new corduroy pants. I was really upset about this blood on my pants.

But gradually it also began to occur to me that the young fellow in front of me had actually been stabbed. Wasn't that cause for some alarm? I stood up to take a closer look and saw that the fellow was all slumped over in his seat. I recognized MacDonald sitting next to him and I asked MacDonald about the fellow. MacDonald immediately informed me that the fellow was dead. That was a little hard for me to believe. I reached my right hand down to feel the fellow's wrist, and I thought I felt a pulse. He was still alive!

But something was really wrong here. It appeared that this movie was a new experimental production of horror movies in which people in the audience were randomly attacked and killed. I was finally appalled. This must be stopped. And this fellow in front of me must be helped.

I immediately headed back to the front office. A couple women were behind the concession stand and I walked back where they were, thinking my being behind the stand should surely alert their attention. I quickly and briefly told them what was going on inside the movie theater and told them they must stop the movie and call the police. They agreed and as they prepared to act I walked back inside.

As I headed back toward the stabbed fellow, it suddenly occurred to me that the whole scene with the fellow might have been an act. He might just be an actor. I remembered the blood spurting out of him when he had been stabbed and I thought a trick knife might have been used which had blood in the handle so that when the blade collapsed into the handle, the blood had spurted out.

But I was still unsure and until I knew exactly what was going on, it seemed best to stop the movie and bring in the police, even if it made me look somewhat foolish.

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