Dream of: 10 July 1987 "Horror Show"

I was walking down the street of a town which somewhat reminded me of Gallipolis. My main concern at the moment seemed to be that I was almost broke. In my left pocket I had a few coins which probably amounted to less than a dollar. In my right pocket I had a bunch of pennies; I pulled out the pennies and saw a couple of dimes mixed in with them.

I came to a movie theater and walked inside without buying a ticket or being asked for one. I took a seat in the rear row and began watching the movie. At first I thought the movie was free, but then I began to think it probably wasn't free; simply no one had seen me enter.

The whole scene had a somber cast; it seemed as if the movie might be a horror show.

Suddenly the lights came on and I saw that perhaps 50 other people were in the theater; most of them were black. It looked as if it was time to leave; but then I realized it was only an intermission. In fact, there was a dance floor in the front of the theater and several people were going up there to dance. On the dance floor was a pretty girl who looked Hispanic; she attracted my attention.

I somewhat wanted to dance myself, but I had a definite problem: I wasn't wearing any pants, just a pair of undershorts. The undershorts were the brief type and had some colorful cartoon pictures on them.


I was walking down the street in my underwear. Looking at the ground I noticed something quite peculiar. Lying there was a little bunch of short sticks and at the top of the sticks was a tiny human skull, perhaps a centimeter across. I picked up the sticks and skull. Then I noticed another single stick with a tiny skull on it and then several more. I picked them all up and held them almost like a bouquet of flowers.

I then noticed a little pile of sticks which seemed to be covering something. I began picking them up and found that they were covering a shallow hole in the ground which had been filled with several different objects. It seemed that each object somehow had a skull attached to it. One object particular caught my attention; I picked it up and examined it.

It was a rather large, red-colored, glass perfume bottle in the shape of a duck. But the head, which screwed off, was a skull. The bottle was probably 20 centimeters long. It was empty. As I examined it, I realized someone was standing very nearby watching me. The person was dressed in a raggedly coat and appeared to be homeless. I immediately realized the person was somehow involved in all the skull objects I had been finding. I threw my bouquet of skull sticks at the feet of the person and the person backed up. I then snatched my skull sticks back up before another nearby person had a chance to grab them. My action of throwing the skull sticks down seemed to have been effective in driving the street person away.


I was leaving the town and was apparently going to hitchhike. I caught one ride for a while in the back of a pickup truck. I had found a pair of blue jeans to put on and felt much better about not simply wearing undershorts now.

I was walking again along a highway along the outskirts of town in an area which reminded me of West Portsmouth and was looking for another ride. I reached a rather secluded area when I encountered two burly men. I felt better when one of them left. The other then approached me and just as I was losing my apprehension, he tried to attack me.

A terrible struggle ensued between us, during which I learned that he planned to take me into a field nearby, sexually assault me and then murder me. I remembered that approximately 37 young men had been murdered in such a fashion in this area, and I realized this was the man who had committed the murders. I was absolutely determined the man wasn't going to overpower me.

At one point I realized I was nude from the waist down and that was is trying to wrap some kind of string around my penis and testes, apparently with the intention of ripping them off. I redoubled my efforts and broke free from him. I jumped into the highway and tried to flag down oncoming traffic. But no one stopped.

I began imagining that if I were up on top of something, like a bridge, I could take a run and jump on the top of a truck as it passed underneath.


I jumped on top of a semi-truck; I was now hanging on to the top of the cab. I bent down so I could see in the passenger window, which was partially lowered. I began yelling at the driver, who was alarmed to see me here; I also hollered that was is a "bastard" for not stopping to help me when I had been trying to flag down traffic. He obviously wanted to get rid of me, but I continued talking and explaining about the maniac who was assaulting me; finally, the driver seemed willing to help me.


I was in a house or apartment where I had been brought by a man who was trying to help me. The man seemed very nice. He had to leave for a while but said he would be back soon. After he left I simply waited until I heard a knock at the door. I thought the man must have returned. But I was still apprehensive that the maniac might have tracked me down; the maniac might have been able to get the license number of the truck which picked me up on the highway.

I heard the door open before I could even reach it. I then heard the chilling voice of the maniac. He immediately attacked me and I began a determined struggle to break away from him.

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