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Dream of: 08 July 1987 "We"

I had been wanting to investigate a certain woman who had appeared in quite a few of my dreams, but whose identity was unclear to me. When I dreamed of her, I identified her with the name "We," even though it was unclear even to me what exactly that name meant. I was unsure whether "We" was actually her name, a symbol to represent what she was or something else. I had been thinking of compiling the dreams in which the woman had appeared and then showing them to my good Dallas friend Eloise, although for some reason I was unsure I would be able to do compile the dreams. Since I had compiled series of dreams in which other people had appeared, I thought compiling a the dreams in which the mysterious woman had appeared would be possible.

Sitting together on the floor, Eloise and I talked about my compiling the dreams in which the woman had appeared and I decided I was going to try to do it.

As Eloise stood up and prepared to leave, I noticed she was wearing a pretty, long, white, silky skirt, even though it seemed to me that just a short time earlier she had been wearing a white skirt with black splotches all over it. It was curious to me that the skirt had changed like that; it occurred to me that somehow, while I hadn't been looking, she had turned the skirt inside out, so the black splotches were now inside the skirt, where they couldn't be seen, instead of on the outside, where only the pure white was visible.

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