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Dream of: 07 July 1987 "Soap Opera"

A man (probably in his late 20s) had found a dead man's body. It was unclear, but the man might have found the body in a cave. At any rate, for some reason, the man decided to dispose of the body. He put the body under an old junked car and doused the car with gasoline. The car had some other junk in it, some of which was contained in large black garbage bags. The man then set the car on fire and stood back as he watched it burn. But the gasoline only burned a short while before it used itself up. It looked as if the garbage bags had caught on fire and would continue burning, but the body under the car obviously hadn't been completely burned. The man decided he had better leave and as he was going he hoped the fire would continue enough to destroy the body.

The man latter learned some other people had begun investigating the possibility of a body having been found in some local caves or tunnels and the man had begun to worry. He now realized more was involved in connection with the body than he at first had thought. Although the man didn't have anything to do with the death of the man whose body he had found and burned, he did remember having actually killed another man in the tunnel. He remembered a scene of having encountered a man lying in the tunnel and he had vague images of having beaten him to death with a large rock, raising and smashing the rock into the man several times.

The person he had killed, however, wasn't the same person whose body he had found. However the man was now certain if the body which he had found and burned was found, then he, the man, would be apprehended for the other murder which he actually had committed. It amounted to a rather complicated, convoluted situation which wasn't entirely clear.

One thing was clear to the man: he must return to the burned-out car, retrieve the charred body and try to dispose of it.

The man had gone to the car and with a large pincer-like device, had dragged the scorched, burned body from under the car. Yes, he now remembered when he had originally found the body, it had been in the tunnel and he had dragged it to the car. Therefore, because he was now concerned that a track had been left from the tunnel to the car, he must now drag the body away from the car and dispose of the body somewhere else.

But he realized that when he started dragging the body again, the body was going to leave another trail. Thus he figured the solution was to drag the body to a river and toss it in. Then if someone was able to follow the trail to the river, the body still wouldn't be able to be found because it would have floated away. The man began dragging the body up what appeared to be a levy along the side of a river. The river, bordered by trees and brush, could be seen not far away.

Either some police authorities or some journalists had received information concerning a body having been found in some local tunnels. No one was certain whether to put any credence in the story, but they decided the story should probably be investigated.

Either some detectives or some newspaper reporters had come to the tunnels and slowly began going through them. One man (probably in his 40s) wasn't very happy about the prospect of going through the tunnels and he commented about that being just what he needed.

I was sitting in a room watching a television. The story about the body in the tunnel was part of a soap opera which I had apparently tuned in for several days. In fact I hadn't missed an episode and I had become quite interested in the story. I reflected how my grandmother Mabel watched soap operas so much. And it seemed that she might even be in the room with me. At least someone else was there with me and I told the person that I had become interested in the outcome of the mystery. I told the person I realized that that was how the soap operas work: they tried to get a person interested in a plot. And then before that plot was finally resolved, another plot was introduced so the viewer's attention would be retained. I wasn't particularly glad that I was watching the soap opera, but I would like to see how it turned out.

The scene on the television was in the tunnel. A large room in the tunnel was shown. It was light in the room and several people were busy scurrying about. They appeared to be servants and it soon became apparent that they were conducting some kind of activity probably illegal dealing with selling large paintings. A number of large, framed paintings were hanging on the wall of the room, but one in particular stood out.

It was a painting probably three meters tall and a couple meters wide. It showed Napoleon Bonaparte astride a horse standing up on its two hind legs. Napoleon had one hand outstretched in the air pointing upward. The painting was quite colorful, with much red in Napoleon's military uniform. The painting was quite famous and I had often seen pictures of it in art books. It had probably done in the early 1800s and I thought the artist was Theodore Gericault.

Suddenly the detectives or reporters (there appeared to be four of them) walked into the room. They were quite surprised to come upon the room there in the tunnels and they hadn't been expecting to find anything like that.

Along the center of the room was a long table, covered with a white cloth and well-laid with plates and silverware. The detectives or reporters were invited to sit and dine. The other men in the room appeared to be servants and waiters. The detectives or reporters took their seats.

I myself was sitting at a small table covered with a white tablecloth. I appeared to be on some type of verandah with the sky overhead and the sea off in the distance. Sitting across from me was Janice Joplin who looked very much like Sissy Spacek. I had a large bottle of red wine and I poured a glass full for each of us. Only a small amount of wine was left in the bottle after I finished pouring.

I liked being with Janice. I realized she had a bit of a problem drinking alcohol, but she seemed quite ready to drink at the moment and she seemed relaxed being with me. Although she wasn't beautiful, she was quite attractive to me, and I felt drawn to her. I enjoyed her company.

She talked a little about singing. She was wearing a short dress and mentioned her long legs, which I could clearly see in my mind. She said something about having to sing even when she had been bitten by mosquitoes. Sometimes the mosquitoes bit her legs in spots close together.

As she talked, I was a bit preoccupied with my own concerns. I realized I was the one who had killed the man in the tunnel. It was quite incomprehensible how I could have done such a thing, but it was crystal clear that I had done it. The certainty of my guilt was almost overwhelming. I simply couldn't change the fact of what I had done. I would have to live with it always.

Now I had the additional problem that the authorities might discover that I was the guilty one. Even as I sat there, I was nervous that I might suddenly be arrested and I didn't know what else I could do to protect myself. The situation was definitely uncomfortable.

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