Dream of: 06 July 1987 (2) "Busy Street"

I was riding a bus and had arrived in a city, but was unsure where I was. It seemed as if I should know the name. Colorado? That didn't seem like the name of a city. Anyway, I was unsure what I was even doing here. But it seemed as if I was supposed to meet Louise.

It looked as if some tables with plates of food on them were on the bus. It even seemed as if I had been eating something.

I got off the bus a couple blocks ahead of the corner where I was supposed to meet Louise. The traffic was heavy. I was on a busy street with stores all along both sides.

I stepped out into the street a little; I could see down to the corner where I was supposed to meet Louise. Oh, there she was! I could see her. She was wearing a purple top; her hair was black and she looked so young. It felt so good to see her here waiting for me. I waved and hollered; she was so far I didn't think she could hear me. But she did. She hollered back and told me to wait and she would come for me.

She was driving a little purple car, perhaps a Volkswagen bug. She had to drive down another street to get to me because the street I was on was one way toward her. I was so anxious to see her.

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