Dream of: 06 July 1987 "Swallowed Pride"

I was in a room at the court house. Apparently a judge and his clerks all worked together here. Tables and chairs were sitting around and the room more like a room in a police station than a courtroom.

I was here because I was interested in having this judge start appointing me to defend indigent people in criminal cases. It seemed as if this judge might have appointed me before, but I couldn't remember exactly. I figured it paid about $100 a case. I honestly didn't feel that good about doing this kind of work, but the money was pretty good, so I just swallowed my pride.

I talked briefly with the judge and then I had to wait. Another lawyer was also waiting for the same thing. It was almost 7 p.m. and I had anticipated getting out of here by 6:30. I tried to be patient.

I had four or five law books I had been looking at on the table in front of me. All belonged here in the room, except one soft cover book which was mine. It looked as if we were going to get out of here pretty soon, so I began putting them back. When we were finally ready to leave, I held up the one book which was mine so everyone could see that it belonged to me, and then I headed for the door.

I was walking down the street of a large city, probably Dallas. It seemed to be dark. Tall buildings gushed toward the sky around me. I was feeling OK, but a bit out of touch. People passed me as I walked along. I felt a little uncomfortable and I realized why: my penis is sticking out. I was wearing a long coat which apparently was unbuttoned and my penis kept sticking out between the flaps in front, about half erect. I didn't know why I was having so much trouble, but I couldn't seem to keep it covered. Someone was  coming toward me. I covered my penis with one hand. Another person was coming and I covered it with two. It was a bit embarrassing. When I saw a pretty woman walking toward me, I again cover my penis. I couldn't seem to make it stay down.

I continued walking through the dark downtown. It looked as if snow was on the ground. I began running, but suddenly stopped when I saw some sidewalk displays set up with food. It looked as if some well-dressed black people were selling the food. On the first table was a display of a large banana split, probably a couple meters long. The white cream looked delicious. There was another display of something sweet and finally a third one where chocolate cake with white icing was being sold, maybe a wedding cake. It looked. I really wanted a piece, but I passed. Some wires blocked my way; I had to circle around them.

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