Dream of: 05 July 1987 (3) "Shooting Eagles"

I seemed to be on some kind of transport vehicle and suddenly the door flew open and a vista of a plain with several trees in it lay before me. Several other people were also on the vehicle and we all began climbing out.

Apparently I was on a hunting expedition and I had brought a bow and arrows with me. I began explaining to one fellow that I hadn't brought hunting arrows with hunting heads, but just simply straight arrows.

He seemed unconcerned, because he, like the other people with me, was already too busy putting arrows on his bow and firing them. But what were they shooting at? I looked out before me and slowly realize that the trees had numerous beautiful eagles in them. I quickly noticed several eagles on the ground and I saw one jumping around with an arrow sticking out of its wing.

I was appalled. I now clearly saw that many, many eagles were lying on the ground with arrows in them. And I saw that other groups of hunters were standing around the area shooting at the eagles also. It was a slaughter. The eagles in the trees weren't trying to escape and it appeared that they might all possibly be killed.

I wandered toward one of the other groups of hunters. How could this be permitted? And how could it be stopped? I thought of the fact that I also was carrying a bow and arrows and I thought of throwing them away. But I realized that wasn't the solution. In fact, I immediately decided I actually needed to begin practicing more and more with bow and arrows, not to learn to kill innocent animals, but to develop my skill at concentration and my accuracy at hitting my target.

I screamed something abusive at one group of hunters as I approached them. A man stepped up and intercepted me. I immediately concluded he was a lackey accompanying some very wealthy man taking part in the slaughter. He demanded that I leave and I refused. Several other men stepped up and it was apparent they were going to assault me. But I stood my ground.

Upon a motion from a man dressed in a gray suit sitting at a table they dispersed. I walked over to the man, whom I recognized as the obvious leader of the group. He had his head bent down. He seemed distracted and worried, although still basically calm. He seemed interested in me. I realized he must be extremely rich and that I must be quite insignificant to him. I was uninterested in trying to gain his favor so I might somehow benefit from his wealth, but I was interested in him as a person. I wanted to know more about who he was. And I wanted to know why he was engaging in such abhorrent behavior, since he didn't seem to be a particularly repugnant man.

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