Dream of: 05 July 1987 "Ominous Presence"

I was sitting in the back bedroom of my Apartment at the Dallas Zen Center. I wasn't taking part in meditation because of my concern about Tom Dombrowski's (a member of the Zen Center) having AIDS, and my apprehension that the disease might be transmitted to me by mosquitoes while we were meditating in the same room.

Since I thought it was time for the other members to be engaged in either meditating or walking in line around the rock garden out back, I looked out the back window to see if I could see anything. I clearly saw the round rock garden, the small rocks around the edge and the larger rocks in the middle. I thought I saw several of the members of the Zen Center walking in line.

My attention was overwhelmed, however, by perhaps 20-25 women, all dressed in black dresses, all with veils over their heads, standing and walking around the rock garden. I quickly lost sight of the Zen Center members among the black figures. I couldn't really tell much about the ominous-looking women, but I had the feeling they were out there protesting the Zen Center. I felt surprised and affronted by their presence.

Finally all the women bowed down, all directed toward something imprecise over on the left edge of the rock garden. It was quite unsettling to be watching what almost appeared to be some pagan practice. I was unsure what was going on and I finally decided to go down and investigate.

I was wearing a white tee shirt and some casual dark green pants. I wondered if I should I take off the white tee shirt and put on a black tee shirt. No, I decided I would just go down in my white tee shirt. But I first took a quick look at myself in the mirror. I seemed a little stern, perhaps a bit sleepy too.

I headed down, but when I reached the women, I seemed to be in a very large room rather than in the rock garden. As I walked slowly through the somber women, many of them looked me over. I felt strong, confident, and defiant, even though I was completely alone among them. They were the intruders and I felt at home.

The veils the women were wearing didn't cover their faces, just the backs of their heads. I could see the hair of one woman and I noted it was blonde. Some women were younger than I had thought. I had thought they were all quite old.

Many began taking off their black dresses, revealing their regular clothes underneath. I also was surprised to see a couple men among the women.

I stood still for a few moments, and I realized some booths had also been set up which the women were using. In a way they reminded me of confession booths. Perhaps the Zen Center had actually given or rented these people space to do what they were doing. It appeared there was no problem with their being here after all.

I heard someone enigmatically say, "He might have known Joe Estes, but he didn't know the house of Joe."

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