Dream of: 02 July 1987 (2) "Rays Of Light"

I was sitting beside a phone. It rang, I picked it up and a woman on the other end wanted to know if I could give her some information about someone I knew. She said the person had been recently arrested and she wanted to know if I had heard anything about the person since the arrest. I was unsure about whom she was talking and I thought it peculiar that the woman had called me. Perhaps the person about whom she was inquiring had an unlisted phone number and the woman was simply probing me for information. I realized, however, that I actually did know the person to whom the woman was referring: Ellen (an attractive black-haired woman I dated in my college years). I wrote Ellen's name on a piece of paper and told the woman on the phone that if she would give me her number, I would call Ellen myself and see if Ellen wanted to talk with her. Then I would call her back.

After hanging up, I realized that Mike Walls (a high school buddy) was sitting next to me. His hair was dark and he looked healthy and vigorous. I told him a woman had called for him and had wanted to know where he was, but I hadn't given her his number. I told him the woman's name, which I had written down. Mike recognized the name as that of a woman he had dated once or twice. He said that he would like to contact her and that he would call her later. He seemed interested in the woman.

I also looked in the phone book for the full name of my ex-wife Louise (to whom I was married for 11 months in 1984-1985). After finding Louise's name and number, I thought about calling her because I thought she and her husband had separated.

I began talking with Louise on the phone. Her voice seemed rather raspy as she began telling me of her recent experiences. Indeed, she had separated from her husband, Vernon. I recalled that I had just seen Vernon the previous day at the Dallas county courthouse. At that time I hadn't realized that he and Louise had separated. Louise seemed rather nervous as she tried to explain what had happened between Vernon and her. It was unclear, but it appeared that they simply couldn't get along.

As she talked, I had the distinct impression that she wanted to see me again and I realized I intensely wanted to see her. Her having been married to Vernon for a long time didn't matter to me. I simply wanted to be back with her as quickly as possible and start life over again with her. The revelation was rather startling because I had thought Louise was completely out of my life, but now I realized that she wasn't out of my system at all.

Louise seemed upset, distraught and confused. I told her I wanted to see her immediately, within the next five minutes. I was ready to leave at once, even though I was unsure she wanted me to come. I definitely felt close to her.

After hanging up I looked at Louise's addrress which I had written down. She lived somewhere on 46th Street in Portsmouth, but I was unsure where 46th Street was. I looked her name up again in the phone book; her address was indeed 46th Street, but it was actually in a small town just north of Portsmouth. I tried to figure out where the town was and decided I was going to head there immediately.

I started talking on the phone with my mother on the phone. I told her I had just been talking with someone and I wanted her to guess who it was. Finally she said, "Well, it must have been Bunnie."

She was obviously referring to Louise, but I found it curious that she had called her "Bunnie." I told my mother I was going to go see Louise.

When I found Louise, we stood together atop a high cliff and we decided to descend straight down the side. She was standing to my left and she jumped off the cliff. I also jumped off and immediately grabbed a long thin grape vine. I held the vine as I descended the side of the perpendicular cliff, which wasn't rock, but dirt. I grabbed another grape vine after I had descended a ways.

I could hear Louise descending, but I couldn't see her. I was afraid she would be injured while descending the cliff. I swung around on my vine to where she was and grabbed her. I held her tightly; it felt good to hold her. It seemed as if she were having a difficult time going down the cliff and she needed someone to hold her. I felt as if I could protect her some as we continued the descent.

When I reach the bottom of the cliff, I was alone. I knew I was somewhere near. Some time ago, back about the time when Louise and I had separated, I had left a number of pictures which I had already taken the time to cut out in contour for collages on top of the hill. I wanted to go back to the top of the hill and find the pictures which I needed because I had decided I wanted to make some collages again.

I found the collage pictures and began looking through them. I had also found a couple photographs which had been taken of me and as I looked at the photos, I had the feeling my father might be somewhere nearby.

The photos were peculiar. One photo showed me standing in front of a cave holding a collage. A phosphorescent orange light was coming out of the cave. The same type of light could be seen on the collage which I was holding in the photo. It seemed symbolic of something that the same light was coming from the cave and was on the collage.

In the second photo, my father was standing at the bottom of a hill which almost seemed like a pyramid while I was standing on the side of the hill. Clearly visible rays of light were somehow being reflected from me down to my father, and then back onto the side of the hill. The image was peculiar.

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