Dream of: 02 July 1987 "Upanuhanyshads"

It suddenly occurred to me that I needed to begin planning to go to another country to practice law, that I needed to be working in international law. I began thinking about all the different aspects of American law which I needed to know to be able to practice law abroad. I realized that to find a job abroad, I first needed a lawyer to work for me. I talked to a couple lawyers I knew about the subject, but neither was willing to work for me. I became somewhat angry. But then I realized there was no need to become angry, because they simply didn't know what to do in those areas of the law. Actually I didn't need an American lawyer, but a foreign lawyer to help me.

As I was standing talking to one American lawyer about the subject I finally explained, "There's no need for me to be angry. I'm just going to have to go get a foreign lawyer."

I went rushing into a room where some people were sitting. Someone had just told me a word and with a pencil, I wrote the word down on the top of a table. The word I write was, "Upanuhanyshads." I figured the word had something to do with the Upanishads and some other Indian epic. The word was a combination of words, the way it often happened in dreams.

A thin, very attractive woman was sitting there watching me. She seemed like someone I had met before. Actually I was sure that we knew each other and that we were forming a strong romantic bond between us. We began talking and I learned she was a law student. We talked of the possibility of her working for me to help me find out some things about foreign law. She began talking about what she cold do and I said, "Well the first thing I want to know is how much you're going to charge me for this."

She says it would be $150 an hour. I told her there was no way I was going to pay that much. She kept talking until she finally said it would be $30 an hour. When she said that, her eyes appeared rather misty, as if she was moved by the fact that she was going to be working for me and that I knew she was worth that much money. I said, "Thirty dollars an hour? That's what I make."

She said, "Oh no, baby, that's what I make."

We then engaged in an absolutely beautiful kiss. I felt as if we were really communicating when we kissed. We seemed to be understanding each other.

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