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Dream of: 01 July 1987 "Fall From A Horse"

I was sitting behind my brother Chris on a large horse which we were riding on a city street. Suddenly the horse jumped over something and I felt myself falling off. As I hit the ground, fearing that afraid Chris was also going to fall, I hollered to him to hang on. I watched as he continued down the road precariously hanging on to the horse.

When I finally raised myself up and followed after Chris, I saw that while he was passing a line of cars, he fell off the horse onto the hood of a large blue car. I hastened over to him and began taking him off the car. He appeared to be uninjured, but due to his muscular dystrophy, he was unable to help himself. As I took him from the car, I noticed a man sitting in the passenger seat of the front seat, but I didn't see anyone driving the car.

I then noticed the car directly in front of the blue car was turned around sideways and had been wrecked on the side. I asked Chris if he and the horse were responsible for the wreck and he said they were. I realized we were definitely going to have troubles now.

After I had taken Chris from the car, the car suddenly began backing up, turned around and headed in the other direction. Two men were now in the car and one was driving. I thought I needed to know who was in the car and I tried to get the number of the license plates as the car drove away. But the left side of the plates was covered. It looked as if there were two letters on the right side. The first looked like an upside-down "L" and the second looks like an upside-down "J" turned around backwards.

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