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Dream of: 23 June 1987 "Lifeless Figures"

I was in a forest with three other people. Two of them raced on ahead and left me with a boy (probably in his late teens). The boy and I tried to catch up, and in the process the boy fell down a couple times. I helped him back up each time and I began to become concerned he might injure himself.

As we started to follow the other two up the side of a woody hill, once again the boy fell down. I helped him to his feet and I tried to persuade him to slow down so he wouldn't hurt himself. He began pushing a large sawed-off piece of log and at first I thought he was going to listen to me, but then he appeared to enter into a trance-like state and he said he had to reach the others because he had "seen a message written on the top of white water."

I believed he had had a clairvoyant vision and I trusted he did have an important message to give the other two. We began hastening up the steep hillside, which seemed to have steps almost as if it were in a house. When we reached the top, I was surprised to find we were in the upstairs of a large abandoned house. We walked through large empty rooms, and finally turned a corner to one room. A raspy, female voice intoned, "Come in here boys."

I immediately became alarmed and with a jolt I realized I was dreaming. I knew my fear had caused me to become lucid and I stood perplexed, looking over the scene in front of me trying to decide exactly what to do.

I was beginning to realize lucidity was actually quite different than I used to think. The dream scene was still spread out in front of me, but I actually did feel awake. Maintaining the dream was somewhat of a strain and I thought simply awakening completely would be so easy. I realized my trying to remember everything was part of the difficulty. I decided to continue with the dream, but not to try to strain myself to remember every detail, because there was really too much.

I cast my eye about the room and it appeared several people were standing or sitting in the room. But it was a rather eerie scene and all the figures appeared to be lifeless. There was no movement. I noticed one fellow in particular who reminded me of someone I had recently seen somewhere. He had short hair and was wearing glasses.

I also noticed several objects in the room, but nothing fixed firmly in my mind. I realized I was actually unsure what to do with my lucidity. I thought it could be used for something, but I felt tired and didn't know exactly what to do. I was unprepared to control the dream. Finally I decided to simply awaken. I did think it had been a significant dream and I wanted to write it down.

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