Dream of: 20 June 1987 (3) "Rented Car"

I was in Europe traveling around in a rented Hertz car. I had been staying in a rented room in a town for several days. I was just returning to the building where I had been staying when I noticed another car was pulled up next to my car and someone seemed to have connected jumper cables from my battery to the battery in the other car. I walked over to find out what was going on and I quickly learned the man with the other car was from Hertz. I had kept the car longer than I should have and I hadn't yet paid my bill, so he had come to take the car.

That was a bit upsetting. I wondered how he had known where I was. But what bothered me most was that I had quite a few possessions in the trunk of the car and I didn't want to see them taken off with the car. The man and I began talking and finally he agreed that I could keep the car for two more days. I was relieved and I decided I could take my possessions up to the room where I was presently staying.

I began unloading my things and while I did so, I noticed the landlord of the place where I was staying had come out and was talking with the Hertz man. I wasn't very pleased at that because I was afraid the landlord would get the idea that I didn't pay my bills and he wouldn't trust me.

I continued unloading. I had a tent in the trunk and the stakes to go with it which I unloaded. The two men picked up a Frisbee which I also had with me and the began throwing it back and forth to each other. I watched the Frisbee sail through the air several times. But neither man seemed to know how to use it well and I finally decided to show them how to throw it. But I saw that one of the men did know how, he was just not good at it. I threw the Frisbee a couple times, but my throws weren't very good either.

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