Dream of: 20 June 1987 (2) "Wild Girl"

I had gone to the country and had arrived at a farm. I had come to see about a horse and a girl. The girl (about 17 years old) had black hair. I had left her here when she had been just a small baby and she had grown up here. I talked with someone and I learned that the girl was quite wild and difficult to communicate with.

I saw her go riding past on the horse. She and the horse seemed to go quite well together and she appeared to have a masterful control. She appeared not to want to see me, however, and she galloped away. I couldn't tell for sure, but it looked as if she might be nude.

I followed her and she and the horse jumped into creek. I stood on the edge of the bank while she was in the creek. Only her head was above water. I began talking with her. I thought she had had almost no education and I was unsure she could even talk, but she quickly let me know that she could talk. In fact she had even learned some German and she began saying some things to me in German.

I liked the girl very much. I wanted to take her with me, but I was unsure she was going to be willing. However as we talked, I had the feeling she might accept me.

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