Dream of: 18 June 1987 (2) "Strawberries And Bananas"

I had walked into what appeared to be a soda fountain. The room was long and narrow with a bar and stools along one side and counters along the other side. I was feeling quite good about myself, principally because I felt as if my first book of dreams was proceeding well and as if I might be able to have it published. I even considered doing some handsprings there in the room.

A woman working there reminded me of Amy (an acquaintance I had known many years earlier in Columbus). I was definitely attracted to her. She had soft skin and was dressed in white. I could imagine what it would be like to kiss her soft neck; but I could tell she didn't share my feelings; she maintained a cool distance between us. Her attitude didn't bother me and seemed more than anything to present an interesting challenge. I felt quite confident I could win her affection if I pursued it. But actually it seemed as if I had better things to do.

I walked up to the front of the store and stood by a counter where a fellow who somewhat reminded me of Walls was working as a waiter. He took a large red strawberry from a big bowl of strawberries sitting on the counter, dipped it in some white whipped cream and put it on a napkin. He gave it to me and told me to give it to Louise.

I walked back along the counter and began thinking I would actually like to have a bowl of strawberries and whipped cream for myself. The prices here were very high, but I figured I could afford it. Even if a bowl of strawberries cost $5, I still felt like getting it.

So I walked back up toward the counter where the bowl of strawberries was sitting. My sister was also working as a waitress here. I imagined she would think it extravagant for me to spend $5 for a bowl of strawberries, especially since she probably only made $4-$5 an hour. It would take her over an hour to make enough money to just buy one bowl.

The strawberries were sitting in a large bowl in front of me. They were covered with whipped cream and looked delicious. I tried to get a woman behind the counter to wait on me, but she was busy at the moment. I was momentarily distracted, and when I looked back at the counter, I noticed some bananas in a clear glass bowl. Some browning banana peels were also in the bowl. On the side of the bowl was smeared some brown caramel; I realized the bananas must be put on sticks and then caramel smeared on them.

The price of a banana stick with caramel was only $1.70. I began thinking a caramel banana would be just as good as strawberries and I thought I would probably order a banana instead of strawberries.

The scene of the soda fountain was still before me, but my perspective had radically changed. I seemed to be watching the action as on a movie screen. A plot had developed concerning a woman working in the soda fountain. Apparently someone had been spying on her. A man who resembled Sean Connery walked in and told her she needed to call someone. But since her phones were tapped, she needed to route the call through several other phones. So she was first going to call a public phone nearby, and from that phone she would be able to go through several other phones to reach her final destination.

The scene shifted to a room where the calls of the woman were being monitored. A person who resembled Jack Nicholson was in the room with the monitoring device. He received instructions from his superior that the crucial time had now arrived to monitor the woman's calls and he turned on a very peculiar machine.

The machine consisted of an apparatus which had at its center a ball, which looked like a ping pong ball suspended in mid-air. Once the machine received the command, the ball began slowly turning and moving; it was apparent the movements related to the monitoring of the woman's phone call. Evidently, every phone in the city had been incorporated into the monitoring system; no matter which phones the woman went through and no matter how many different ones she used, the machine would be able to follow her.

Suddenly the door was bashed opened and Sean Connery entered riding a tractor-like battering machine. At the front of the machine, instead of a battering ram, were some long menacing-looking rods of red hot metal. Connery quickly maneuvered the machine toward Nicholson, who was completely taken by surprise, and brought the red-hot rods close to Nicholson's face. Connery forced Nicholson into a corner, and Connery raised an ax over his head. Just as it looked as if Nicholson were going to make a desperate attempt to defend himself with some device there, Connery says, "Don't do it, Bond. I'll irrespect you."

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