Dream of: 18 June 1987 "Kozetzo"

Peter Lamborghini (a member of the Dallas Zen Center) and I were talking about the fact that four people were now sitting in the zendo of the Zen Center in the mornings. Lamborghini said this was the strongest the Zen Center had ever been. I pointed out that there had been times in the past when four people had sat in the zendo in the mornings, but Lamborghini said that the Zen Center was still not as strong before as it was now. He then mentioned that one fellow who used to sit in the zendo was studying tremendous amounts of "kozetzo" and apparently the fellow's interest in "kozetzo" had detracted from his concentration in zen. I realized I was able to concentrate on zen because it was one of my primary interests.

A bearded fellow who vaguely reminded me of a Dallas acquaintance named Gary Bush walked  into the room and sat down in a chair facing a young woman seated across from him. As the two stared at each other, the fellow seemed to be gradually sinking down farther and farther in his seat and as he sank, he began whispering the name of the young woman over and over.

A woman who had been listening to the fellow walked out onto a balcony above them and hollered out, "Be still."

The young woman stood up, looked at the woman on the balcony and said, "Oh mother."

I was very surprised to hear the young woman call the woman "mother" since I had had no idea that the woman on the balcony was the mother of the young woman. I had thought another woman was the young woman's mother. The woman on the balcony and the young woman began talking with each other and I slowly realized the fellow with the beard was actually the brother of the young woman, a fact which seemed particularly odd to me.

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