Dream of: 16 June 1987 "Silent Movie"

I was at a home which Jon had built and which apparently wasn't completely finished. He showed me part of the small house and I inferred that I had been planning to live in that section. It did seem comfortable. The furnace for the entire house was in my section and it appeared that the house would be warm in the winter. I had been thinking I might not move in the house, but that it would still be a nice place to visit, even if only for a couple months each year. If I ever adopted some children, they would like to have someplace like this where they could visit.


My mother and I were in the living room of a house which reminded me of the House in Patriot. She had bought something for my sister and began showing it to me. It was the skin of an animal which she called an aardvark. She seemed quite pleased with her purchase and began describing how she had bargained for it. She even indicated that the man she had bought it from had implied that she could trade some sex for part of the price, but it was unclear whether she had done that.

I quickly began expressing my disapproval of her having bought the skin. I pointed out that the animal was an endangered species and that it was precisely because of people like her that the animal might become extinct. She wrapped the skin around her neck so it hung on her back. She seemed unremorseful about my arguments and I realized I was probably just wasting my breath with her.


A young black-haired woman (probably in her mid 20s) was standing alone in an opulent bedroom. She was slender and very attractive. She lit a candle and set it on a dresser. The candle was near a vase of dry, ornamental flowers and the flame from the candle suddenly ignited one of the dried plants. In an instant all the plants began burning and the fire quickly spread to a nearby curtain.

The woman noticed the fire, raised one arm to her forehead and appeared to be about to lose consciousness. As she was about to fall over backward, a man rushed from the shadows and she fell into his arms.

The man had black hair, was rather stocky and probably in his 40s, although his age was difficult to decipher. He was dressed in a dark suit, white shirt and tie. He appeared to be a man of wealth and means, yet at the same time had a demented air about him and seemed somewhat sinister. One had the impression that his affection for the woman had driven him to a sort of madness.

The entire scene had the air of a silent movie made perhaps in the late 1920s. When the man picked up the woman, he was shown standing with her in his arms in front of the fire in the background. One of his cheeks seemed to have something black smeared on it as if to highlight the smoke of the fire. He had a wild look in his eyes as if at last he had the object of his desires in his arms and would try to find a place where he could keep her. One also had the impression that the man was married and that he must not let his wife know of the woman.

The man was quite strong and was able to hold the woman in the air upside down with one arm under her knees. She was wearing a beige dress which clung to her long, shapely legs. He scanned the room with his eyes and then headed toward a door. He passed through it and headed down some stairs. At the bottom of the stairs he passed through another door which appeared to lead to a maze of rooms. It appeared he intended to find a place there to hide the woman.

As I was watching the man carry the woman along, for some reason I began thinking of some of my early relationships and both Sussie and Denise (two Portsmouth girls with whom I had short relationships when we were teenagers) crossed my mind. I wondered how the years had affected and changed both of them. I suspected Denise might have become somewhat worn out with the years. But I remembered I had recently seen Sussie and had particularly remarked how she had seemed to have retained her youth and after so many years hadn't appeared to have lost her vitality.

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