Dream of: 12 June 1987 "Animal Eyes"

I was outside a place which reminded me of a fair grounds. A number of large white buildings were in the fairgrounds and I knew some activity was taking place inside. Since I thought there was no admission price, I walked into the back door of one of the buildings. I moved through some wide hallways until I came to the entrance of what appeared to be an inside arena. I looked inside and saw some simulated ceremonies taking place. At that moment it appeared that a mock wedding was in process and everyone inside was dressed for a wedding.

I walked on through the halls. I felt somewhat uncomfortable because I was wearing a white tee shirt instead of a shirt. I knew it was permitted to be dressed in only a tee shirt, but I still didn't fell right.

I soon came across a mock funeral procession winding through the hall. Everyone was dressed in black and the scene was impressive.

The building I was in seemed somewhat like part of a shopping mall. I walked into a store which sold eyeglasses arranged in counters all over the store. A woman stepped up to assist me and began showing me some eyeglasses. Actually I was interested in buying some contact lenses. My own eyeglasses had broken. Apparently this had been the same store in which I had bought my last pair of glasses and the woman said I wouldn't have to have my eyes checked again but I could use the old prescription.

She brought out a magazine with some pictures of wild animals in it and showed me their eyes. Apparently my eyes would somehow resemble the eyes of the animals after I had new lenses.

But when I told the woman I wanted contact lenses instead of eyeglasses, she informed me that they didn't sell contact lenses here. So it looked as if I weren't going to be able to buy anything in the store.


I was in a building with white walls which seemed like part of a college. I saw a fellow I knew going through the halls and I hollered at him. But he didn't turn around and he continued up some stairs. I followed him, finally overtook him at the top of the stairs and got his attention. But I then realized he was trying to avoid me and he didn't want to talk with me. I just let him walk on and I felt a bit miffed about his attitude.


I was in the halls of the college building and encountered another fellow I knew. I was carrying a recent issue of Playboy magazine in my hand and I had flipped through it to the fold out, but I didn't open the fold out. I really didn't want the other fellow to know I had the Playboy and I folded it in two so he might not notice. But then I saw that he likewise had a Playboy he was looking at. He had opened his copy to the fold out and I could see the head of the blonde model before he closed it.

We began talking about finding jobs. He told me about a job in Atlanta, Georgia which involved working for a law professor in a college. It sounded somewhat interesting and I thought I might apply. Apparently I would have to work 30 hours a week and then also help devise a system for grading papers.

I thought it might be interesting to read law cases again, such as cases on contracts from various states.

The more I thought about the job, the more it seemed to involve acting. I likewise thought that would be interesting.

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