Dream of: 10 June 1987 (2) "Intolerable Rules"

I was planning to live in a house where my mother and my sister were living. I walked into the living room where my sister was, and we immediately had an argument concerning the television. My sister informed me that if I were going to live there, my mother had agreed with my sister that I would have to abide by the rules concerning the television which my sister had made. I found that to be intolerable and immediately decided that if that were indeed the case, then I would be forced to move out.

My mother wasn't there at the moment; I would have to ask her about the matter as soon as she returned. In the meantime, I thought I could probably resolve the matter to some extent if I were simply to engage in some kind of physical sexual contact with my sister. For example I could put my arms around her and perhaps feel her breasts. But I immediately decided I didn't want to do that; if necessary, I would simply move out of the house.

My mother finally returned with my father. It quickly became evident that indeed I would have to abide by the rules if I continued living there. I informed them I couldn't do that, and began packing my things. I was upset, because I really had wanted to stay here. But at least I did have another place where I could go, because I had rented a room on the other side of town which I had been using occasionally when I was attending classes at a college. It wouldn't be as convenient for me to live in the room all the time, but it would still be satisfactory.

I left the house and began walking across town. Actually, after I finally knew I was going to move, I felt relieved; I would have much more freedom if I lived on my own. It might in some ways be inconvenient and more expensive, but it was probably all for the best.

As I passed over a bridge I noticed some fellow walk up and jump off the edge. But he was just jumping to the ground near the edge of the bridge and appeared to simply be taking a shortcut.

I reached a restaurant where I decided to rest for a while. I walked in and looked over the large room. It appeared to be a rather luxurious place, and the people seemed to be dressed up. All the round tables were covered with pale green tablecloths; it looked as if a small vase with flowers was in the center of each table. Every table appeared to be occupied, but finally I saw an open one and walked toward it. Just as I placed some of the things I was carrying on the table, a woman walked up, pointed to some of her things which were sitting beside the table and said the table was hers. I gathered up my things and walked away.

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