Dream of: 02 June 1987 "Rattling Noise"

After hearing a strange noise coming from a wood frame building like an old garage, I walked inside and found 25-30 people wrapped up in dark blankets, bowing on the ground. They appeared to be either humming or chanting and apparently were bowing to something indistinguishable in the far left corner.

I then heard a rattling noise which I thought sounded like a rattlesnake. I looked for the snake and finally saw a cobra standing up out of what looked like a round, straw basket. That puzzled me because I didn't think cobras could make that kind of rattling noise.

I looked again where I had seen the snake and now saw a small tiger there. That concerned me because although the tiger wasn't large, I still thought it might attack me. I began backing out of the building. I hadn't retreated far before the tiger chased after me and grabbed me by the leg. I began trying to fight it off.

I was standing in the garage talking with someone and stepped outside. I immediately encountered a young fellow dressed in red and standing in a martial arts stance with one arm raised in a protective position over his head. I knew we were going to have to fight and I grabbed him. In a judo-like move, he fell onto his back and flipped me over him. But I had been expecting the move and was able to twist around so I was on top. We wrestled exchanging the advantage several times until I finally had the best of him.

I had fought so hard against him I was afraid I might have injured him. When we finished fighting, he was stiff like a board and he couldn't even move. But similar to the way the tiger had done, he held onto my left leg, until I finally kicked him off into a ditch. As I walked away from him, I looked back and saw that he looked more like a broken bicycle than a person. He didn't move; I was concerned I had seriously injured him.

I continued walking away from him; looking back, I saw a number of people coming out of the building to look at the fellow. I was concerned that they might all try to attack me when they saw how badly I had injured the fellow. I began running as fast as I could up the road before they had a chance to react.

I saw my mother ahead of me on the road and heard her say, "Steven."

I thought I would say to her, "Go home and lock your door and act like you don't even know me."

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