Dream of: 29 May 1987 (2) "Subatomic Particles"

I walked into a large room which almost looked like a warehouse. I reached the far end of the room where I sat down on a high chair at a bench. My computer was hooked up there, but instead of having its small monitor, it was hooked up to a large black screen about a meter and a half square.

A fellow (probably in his early 20s) was sitting to my right using the computer and screen. He had beautiful, shoulder-length, brown hair. He was muscular, handsome and seemed very vibrant.

While he was busy with something else, I tapped a few keys on the keyboard. I tapped a function key and a number key four times each. When the fellow sat back down in front of the keyboard, I suddenly realized that he had been in the middle of some programming and that I might have damaged his work. On the screen I noticed many symbols written like words and then saw among them the numbers I had pressed.

I told him what I had done, but he seemed unconcerned. I asked about learning to program on the computer. I asked, "Do you know any languages? Is it like using languages?"

He replied that he did know other languages and that it was similar to that. Then he added, "There's no 'he' or 'it'."

He then began demonstrating some of what he was doing. He typed something on the keyboard and a small, orange, geometrical figure which appeared to be two intersecting rectangles appeared on the screen. But I noticed on one side, some of the line was missing and I thought that might be a result of my having interfered with the program.

I was intrigued and I stood up to have a better look. The fellow tapped the keyboard again and the image changed. A new geometrical figure appeared which covered most of the screen. I was uncertain what it was, but groups of colored intersecting lines formed into perfect patterns on the screen. Then I noticed the image was moving and changing. It even seemed to be throbbing. Small dots appeared on the screen and began colliding with parts of the image. I suddenly realized it was a graphic image of the bombardment of something with subatomic particles. The dots probably represented protons.

I was awed by what I was witnessing. I wanted to ask the fellow how long it would take someone to learn how to do that. Obviously, besides operating the computer, a great deal would need to be learned about atomic particles. I figured I might be able to do it in a year.

I stood with my mouth open, gawking at the screen. I was completely fascinated. But the image was so hard for me to comprehend. I wondered if I might have been smoking marijuana and had caused my mind to not be functioning well. It seemed as if marijuana could definitely prevent one from understanding something like that. And I was sure I did want to understand it. I wanted to be able to do the things the other fellow was doing. I said, "I've got to have one of those or a graphics monitor at least."

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