Dream of: 29 May 1987 "Jet Pilot"

I was watching a scene which appeared to be taking place in a large prison. I slowly grasped that the time was during World War II and that although the prison was in the United States, it was controlled by Nazi Germans.

The focus was on two men being held prisoners by the Nazis. The two men had just been made prisoners and it was unclear whether they might have at one time worked for the Nazis and then defected from them. One Nazi officer was screaming at them that they would never be free.

But the Nazis took their eyes off the men for a while, and the two men slowly walked through the inner streets of the prison until they reached the main entrance and then simply walked out. As soon as the two men had left, the Nazis realized what had happened and several Nazi undercover men wearing long, brown trench coats began following them. The two men separated and I began following one of them to see what he would do. Since he was in the United States, the Nazis couldn't immediately apprehend him, but obviously they were going to follow him until they had a chance to grab him.

I followed the man to a bus stop and watched him board a bus. One of the Nazis in a brown trench coat headed for the bus. I also headed for the bus and reached it before the Nazi did. When the Nazi finally arrived, I stood in the door of the bus and prevented his boarding. Finally the bus began to pull off. I walked through the bus and looked for the escaped prisoner. But he had succeeded in blending in with the other passengers and I couldn't tell which one he was. Satisfied that he was safe at least for now, I sat down.

I closed my eyes and felt a surge of satisfaction at having helped the prisoner escape from the Nazis. I began thinking the time had come for me to make a decision about how I was going to be involved in the battle against Nazism. I thought perhaps I might want to become a jet pilot.


I was the pilot on a jet fighter. I was already airborne and it was the first time I had ever actually flown a jet fighter. And I had never had any instruction. I was over the United States and was intending to fly across the ocean to Germany. But I was having a great deal of difficulty simply staying in the air.

I gradually realized someone else was on the jet. Sitting behind me was judge Schwille. We began talking and I learned that he was an experienced jet pilot. Apparently he was going to try to teach me some about flying the jet. He told me when he had begun flying, he also had never had anyone teach him how. Like me, he had simply begun flying. Apparently he had been flying for many years, but he did seem just a slight bit nervous about my flying ability.

Of course that was to be expected. As I flew I often came close to the earth and I wasn't even sure how to steer the jet. But I gradually learned that by pulling a stick in a certain way I could control the direction. Sometimes however I learned that I had to pull the stick in the opposite direction which I would have thought would be correct, because sometimes we were actually flying upside down.

Finally while I was upside down I became confused and the landscape seemed to be flying past me so fast I was unsure what to do. When I finally did gain some control of the jet, I saw that we were headed straight for the side of a wooded mountain. I pulled the stick back to head straight up. But somehow we seemed to do a somersault and smacked down on the ground on the belly of the jet.

Schwille and I got out and looked the jet over; it appeared to be undamaged and we likewise were uninjured. We walked into a large building next to us for a few minutes, and saw that the building was filled with all kinds of fighter planes which looked as if were from World War II. They were painted and polished and crowds of people were looking at them. I slowly realized the planes were on exhibition.

Schwille and I returned outside, boarded the jet again and took off. This time I seemed to have a bit better control, but Schwille pointed out how low I was and that I was close to running into some telephone lines. Indeed, I saw telephone lines all over the place and I was uncertain how to avoid them. Finally I saw an opening, pulled my stick back and saw clear blue sky begin to open up before us.

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