Dream of: 24 May 1987 (2) "Knife Attack"

I had encountered a man who I thought was dangerous I thought I might report him to the police. He was heavy set, probably in his 40s and balding. It seemed he had been going out with a woman I knew.

I was sitting in a house and talking on the phone with Sussie. We were disconnected several times. Each time I called her back, I had to speak first to a different woman before I could finally get Sussie on the phone.

It appeared that Sussie was working in some kind of fancy nightclub or discotheque, and that the other women working there were selling memberships in the place.

As Sussie and I were talking we were once again disconnected and I once again dialed her number to talk with her. Another woman answered and I told her I wanted to talk with Sussie. I gave the woman Sussie's last name (something other than her actual last name). The woman acted as if I didn't know what I was talking about and as if she couldn't possibly connect me with Sussie. As I continued to insist that I be connected with Sussie, it gradually became clear that Sussie wasn't merely working at the place.

In fact, Sussie was apparently a wealthy woman and actually owned the establishment. I was unsure how Sussie had obtained her wealth, whether by work or by marriage. Clearly, however, she was considered the most important person at the place and she couldn't be reached easily. I began pleading to the woman to simply tell Sussie that Steve Collier wanted to talk with her and I told the woman I was sure Sussie would want to talk with me. However the woman seemed to think my request was absurd and refused.

After I continued to insist, however, the woman finally contacted Sussie about my being on the phone and Sussie immediately picked up her end. She had a soothing voice and I felt close to her. We seemed to have developed a strong friendship and could speak openly with each other.

I immediately told her of the problems I was having reaching her I said I was going to give her my number so she could call me. I asked her why we were being cut off so much, and she mumbled something about her line being arranged that way to thwart any efforts of the police to put a wiretap on her lines. I thought perhaps she was involved in some kind of large drug transactions, but I was uncertain.

A small bathroom was near me to my right and I could see inside it through the open door. I was suddenly startled to see a man standing in the bathroom. I couldn't understand how he had gotten in unless he had entered through a window. But looking at him, I suddenly realized he was the man I had earlier seen and whom I had been thinking about turning in to the police. I immediately knew he presented a danger to me and I became frightened.

Obviously I couldn't call the police because Sussie was still on the line. I frantically told Sussie that the man was in the house and that she should call the police. Before I could finish telling her everything, however, the man walked into the room toward me. With Sussie still on the line, I swung the receiver at the man and hit him in the head. To my surprise, the blow seemed to have no effect upon him. I hit him again and again and hollered out as I did, so Sussie could hear and know what was happening. I hoped she would contact the police, but I knew they would probably not have time to get here.

Amazingly the man didn't seem to be affected whatsoever by my striking him with the telephone receiver. He seemed to be made of rubber and the telephone receiver just bounced off his head each time I hit him.

Suddenly the man pulled out a pocket knife. Obviously the situation was becoming desperate. To my surprise I suddenly also had a small pocket knife in my hand, and it almost seemed as if the man had given it to me. I knew I had to act fast; I maneuvered myself around and quickly stabbed the man in the side of his neck with my knife. But it was like sticking it in a piece of rubber; it seemed to have no effect on the man.

He slowly came at me with his knife. I tried to fend him off, and grabbed his hand in which he was holding the knife. He pressed toward me and I was able to keep him from stabbing me, but he did manage to stick the knife into my open mouth. He then slowly brought the blade of the knife between two of my upper teeth on the left side of my mouth and began pressing the knife upwards. Obviously if I didn't have the strength to stop him, he would soon cut into my gums and perhaps cut up my whole face.

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