Dream of: 24 May 1987 "Car Races"

I had gone to a car race tracks in Gallia County, Ohio where I encountered Anderson. I was surprised to see that Anderson had let his red-blond hair grow to his shoulders. We sat down near some friends of his and talked for a while. Since I didn't know anyone else there, I stayed with him. I thought my first-cousin Jimmy was probably somewhere here, but I didn't see him.

Finally a car race began on the tracks. All kinds of cars were racing. One of them was a blue Ford from the mid-1950s. Anderson and I walked fairly close to the track and I became a bit concerned because the cars were going so fast that if one of them went out of control, we could easily be injured or killed. I noticed a couple accidents. One car hit a wall and another car was run over by a large truck, which was also in the race.

Finally Anderson and I walked over to a very large smooth-barked tree which was probably more that two meters in diameter. I thought we would be safe here. But no sooner had we stationed ourselves behind the tree, than I noticed Anderson had somehow gotten into a large truck and had coasted down onto the race track.

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