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Dream of: 23 May 1987 "Caravan"

I was standing on a road in the country talking with several other men (mostly in their late 20s and 30s) about a kind of caravan to which they belonged. Apparently every summer hundreds of people would gather together and travel in a caravan of cars around the United States. Some food was also served to them. I was surprised to learn the cost of joining the caravan was only $7.

I thought perhaps quite a few people in the caravan used drugs, but I didn't think it would be necessary to use drugs while on the caravan and that one could participate without the use of drugs.

The place where we were standing was next to a rather swampy area. One of the men reminded me of Bob Anchron (a high school schoolmate). He and a few others began wading around in a muddy area and I also joined them. However, unlike the others, I wasn't wearing any shoes and as my feet sank up to my ankles in the thick mud, I became concerned I might happen to step onto a piece of glass. I finally stepped back unto the roadway.

The others however, continued deeper into the mud. Finally they reached a watery part of the swamp and actually began swimming in the muddy water. I was really uncertain of what to think. It looked refreshing on one hand, but rather disgusting on the other.

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