Dream of: 22 May 1987 "Poinsettia"

I was with a woman who seemed to be Louise, although she was only about 20 years old and didn't look like Louise. She was slender, had short black hair and was quite vivacious. We drew closer and closer together, and although I had serious reservations, we finally had sex. While having sex I thought I ejaculated inside her and after we finished, I became quite concerned about the fact. We began discussing the possibility.

I awoke and realized my experience with Louise had been a dream. I pulled out a pen and paper, intending to write the dream. However, I was interrupted by my mother, who wanted me to help her with some things.

My mother was in the process of opening a new restaurant in Patriot. It was fairly elegant inside and had a number of long wooden tables with wooden chairs. People were already waiting to be let in; but my mother and her helpers were still in the process of putting the finishing touches on the restaurant and preparing the food.

Someone had sent my mother a large poinsettia for the opening; the poinsettia stood about a meter and a half tall. No other flowers were in sight; it would have been nice if I would have sent my mother some flowers for her opening.

People began coming in and taking seats in the restaurant. I wandered into a side room with five or six more spare wooden tables. It appeared there would be enough spare tables.

In my mind I began going back over the dream with Louise, hoping I could still remember it when I needed to write it down.

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