Dream of: 15 May 1987 "Really Sick"

I was riding on the right side of the back seat of a car. Also seated in the back seat from left to right were my sister (about 4 years old), my mother, my brother Chris (perhaps 6 years old) and finally me. My father was driving the car and his girlfriend Kay was seated in the front passenger seat.

I thought we were going to a beach or lake. Instead we simply pulled up to a grassy area. I asked, "Why don't we go to the beach? All we can do here is sit."

I thought we should ask my sister and Chris what they thought. I turned to my sister and said, "What do you think, Linda?"

When she didn't say anything, I turned to Chris and asked, "What do you think, Chris?"

My father seemed to think it was amusing that I was asking my sister and Chris for their opinions, as if what they thought mattered. I said, "Oh that's funny, isn't it. Who gives a damn what they think. Shit they don't count."

Kay had been seeing another man, whom she apparently abandoned for the day to be with us. At one point my father said to Kay, "You're just taking over, aren't you."

My mother then quipped, "No, she's not taking over."

I also added, "Leroy has always been a two-timing son of a bitch."

The more I thought about my father, my mother and Kay all being together like that the more incongruous it seemed. Finally I said, "You know, the three of you are really sick."

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