Dream of: 13 May 1987 "Green Angel"

I was sitting at a desk in a classroom which contained a number of other people. Some desks, including mine, had quite a few books stacked up on them.

The teacher walked into the room. She was probably in her 30s and reminded me Teresa More, my high school Latin teacher. She began calling out names for people to come to the front of the room. When she called out "Steve," I walked up. I had thought she would call me; I assumed she wanted us to carry the books out of the room. We talked to her for a few minutes and then sat back down in our seats.

The teacher then began playing some kind of game wherein the students were going to have to go look for something. Clifford was sitting near me. I noticed he had written down a list of things he was supposed to find, which included the word "liver." Two of the things I was supposed to find were a "green angel" and a "green uzu." The teacher also told me I was supposed to look for an "axe handle" and called me a "knothead."

While she was talking, I jumped up twice and protested. Finally I rolled up my paper and threw it down in the middle of the floor. Someone else did the same. I quite proudly began making some statements about how ridiculous the game was.

The teacher seemed upset by what I was saying and I thought she might be thinking of expelling me from the room. I said, "I have a right to be here. I pay taxes. My parents pay taxes. You're paid with taxpayer's money."

A fellow commented on how much I had changed; I told him it was just the exterior. Finally I stood and walked around the room. I noticed a book shelf with many books on it; I might like to read one. One in particular caught my attention. On its back it had the title The Circle of Logic. I thought, "I'm going to sit here and read something worthwhile."

Instead, I started to walk out a door; a girl congratulated me on the way I had been handling the situation. Buckner was also in the room; he likewise expressed approval of the way I had acted.

I walked into a small side room and Weinstein walked up to me. He seemed impressed by the way I had been acting and said, "That was just lovely."

I said, "Well, you should have got up and joined in."

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