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Dream of: 09 May 1987 (2) "Talking Cat"

I was standing on the back porch of the Gallia County Farmhouse. A vast valley seemed to spread out before me and I noticed my step-grandfather Clarence's dogs running along the valley chasing something. I hollered to Clarence and he came to look. We thought the dogs were chasing a fox. It looked for a moment as if the dogs had caught it, but then they began chasing the animal again. Finally one of the black dogs did catch the animal.

A woman and a small girl had walked up and were standing near us. A large cat which looked just like a cheetah walked up and began sniffing around. Without warning, Clarence suddenly grabbed the cat and threw it over what appeared to be a clothes line in back of the House. When the cat fell to the ground I couldn't see where it was, but I figured it had probably been badly injured.

I walked over the bank to where I thought the cat was. There I found what appeared to be a large, high cave into which the cat apparently had crawled. I walked back into the cave and encountered a net. I crawled under it and continued on. It was rather dark here.

I saw a ledge and on it I could see the top part of another cat, which I thought might be the wife of the cat I was looking for. Then I saw some other movement on the ledge and I thought it was from the heavy breathing of the cat I was looking for. I thought the cat was probably in pain and had managed to crawl up on the ledge. Although I was frightened myself that the cat might try to attack me, I was very concerned about it and I wanted to try to help it.

I climbed up on the ledge and there found the cat lying on its arms and back. Its form almost resembled that of a man. And it was about the size of a man. I remembered that the cat had once before had a problem with its back and I had helped it. I approached it and I could tell that it recognized me. In a rather garbled speech the cat said, "You're the one that helped me before."

I replied, "Yea."

I then held out my hand to show that I wanted to help it, but it slapped my hand away and said, "You're no friend of mine."

I felt quite bad. I understood how the cat felt. I knew the cat was in a terrible predicament. Although I might not be able to help it, I thought I might be able to find someone who could.

I began imagining in my mind that if the cat had a broken vertebra, I might somehow be able to repair it. I imagined using a saw to cut a piece of metal and fashioning it into the shape of a vertebra to replace the injured vertebra.

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