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Dream of: 09 May 1987 "Wam Wam"

I was lying in bed with two women; all three of us were nude. We were rolling around on the bed together; I was just about to have sex with them, when it occurred to me that my father had been with the two women about a week before. I stopped what we were doing and said, "I'm not going to be able to have sex with you."

They asked why and I explained that there was a possibility that they had AIDS. I wasn't trying to offend them; apparently they hadn't even considered the possibility. It also appeared that they had had sex with another man about a week before and I thought the man might have been my father.

I thought we could probably continue what we were doing, but we wouldn't be able to actually have intercourse. They didn't insist that I have intercourse with them, but they did want to continue with our sexual activity. I put my fingers in one of their vaginas, which was quite moist. It was obvious that the woman liked what I was doing.

I seemed to fall asleep for a while and when I awoke, I found myself with Louise. She was nude and I was on top of her. I had the same dilemma with her, because I wasn't going to be able to have sex with her. She wanted me to lie between her legs and hold her. I did that, although I still didn't plan to have intercourse with her.

I heard some music in the background and rose to see if I could see where it was coming from. I found that some water was running from a spigot, which I turned off; but Louise got up and turned the spigot back on. She wanted to show me that a special kind of music was produced when the water was running, whether the water was just barely dripping or running profusely. The spigot was apparently a new musical device she had; she called it her "wam wam."

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