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Dream of: 07 May 1987 "Ship In Space"

I had a Dalmatian which I had left with my mother for a while because I had no place to keep it. Although the dog was an extremely faithful one, I hadn't been with it enough for it to become firmly attached to me. And that was good, because I wasn't going to be able to keep the dog and had found someone to give it to.

When I went to pick the dog up, I was surprised to see that instead of being white with black spots, it was now almost entirely black with a few white spots. My mother had washed the dog and somehow the washing had caused the dog to turn black. I hoped the man to whom I was going to give the dog would still want it.

I took the dog by car to where the man was. When we arrived the dog seemed to hesitate to get out of the car, as if it knew I was planning to give it away. But finally it did jump from the car and I walked it over to the waiting man (about 40 years old). I thought he would be a good master for the dog; he didn't seem concerned when I mentioned the change in color. I told him the dog would be the best friend he ever had.

The dog walked over to the man, and seemed a bit shy at first. But the dog seemed to quickly accept the man and jumped with his forepaws on the man's chest. It seemed they were going to make a good pair.

I walked into a nearby room and sat down. Tables were sitting around the room as if in a restaurant; all the tables were occupied by men. There must have been 30-40 men here and a select few of them were talking. I quickly realized the men who were talking were actors and that a play was in progress right here in the room. I began to listen attentively, but had trouble understanding exactly what was being said.

The action shifted to the other side of the room and men there began talking. I quickly realized the men were speaking German. I understood German quite well, but there seemed to also be some background noise in the room which hindered me from clearly hearing what the men were saying. I noticed Phil Waddell sitting in the room and thought he likewise spoke German. But he didn't seem particularly interested in the play.

Suddenly some men closer to me began moving their hands and I realized they were using sign language. Their action was also part of the play. They then raised their hands over their heads and began wiggling them around. Finally I noticed everyone in the room except me was raising their hands over their heads and wiggling them. So I joined in, raised my hands over my head and moved them about.

While I still had my hands over my head I looked across the room and saw Brian (a former law school classmate) likewise holding his hands over his head. Brian had a very large smile on his face and was looking directly at me. I felt a bit sheepish at first. I had been meaning to contact Brian for a long time and I hadn't done it. I thought he would probably be angry at me. But he didn't seem at all angry. Instead he seemed to have a very friendly disposition toward me and was merely puzzled as to why I might have avoided him. He seemed as if he definitely wanted to talk with me.

Brian looked at his hands still over his head and shrugged his shoulders as if to say, "What kind of silly game is this?" He then lowered his hands. I however kept my hands over my head, and seemed to forget they were even raised until I looked around the room and saw that practically everyone else had already lowered theirs. I lowered my hands and wondered if the whole game hadn't been merely to make one feel silly at the end for having taken part in it.

In front of me I had a flat board about 20 by 20 centimeters onto which I had been pasting some pieces of colored construction paper for a collage. I had just been randomly pasting the paper, but a certain design was beginning to form. Finally I cut out a small piece of yellow paper and put it in the middle. The piece resembled a boat, but seemed to me to be a boat sailing in space rather than on a sea. It seemed to somehow show how I felt about myself.

I began cutting out more pieces of construction paper and thought I would simply continue gluing pieces on the board until an acceptable collage emerged. I began cutting thin strips of black paper in different shapes. I thought I would form a sort of border around the center part of the collage with the black strips.

I had put a picture of a man's head near the center of the collage. It was a type of cartoon figure wearing large black glasses. It seemed to fit in well with the general design. I thought of a picture of a type of warrior painted by Max Ernst which I had in my collection of collage pictures and thought it would go well in the collage.

I heard someone who seemed to be talking to me in the background and in response I said, "I consider my self a platonist person."

The person responded, "I see."

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