Dream of: 02 May 1987 "Catching Coquis"

I could hear some small frog outside making the same pleasant chirping sound that the coqui frogs in Puerto Rico make. I decided I would like to catch one of the frogs and I fashioned a simple trap which consisted simply of a small paper box about the size of my hand and a small stick around which I wrapped a small piece of cheese.

I carried the trap outside and I sat down with it in the grass where I saw several of the coquis sitting. They were only about a centimeter long and had large bulging eyes and dark green skin. They were very cute. Perhaps I could simply catch one with my hand when it jumped, just as one can sometimes catch a fly in flight with the hand. But I tried and quickly saw it was futile.

Just as I was preparing to set my trap, another fellow showed up with a trap similar to mine, except his was made of a metal sardine can.

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