Dream of: 01 May 1987 "Test Of Confidence"

I apparently had joined the military and was in the process of taking courses in military training. As part of one of the courses, I was in a military game which involved a mock war between two opposing teams. Most soldiers on each side seemed to be in their 20s and during the course of the conflict it appeared that soldiers of opposing sides fraternized to some extent with each other.

The war proceeded until the last day with neither side achieving victory. I was told by someone from the other side that the other side had basically decided not to fight anymore and that one large body of their troops wasn't even going to be deployed on the last day, but would be stationed at someone's house on the other side.

It was the last day of the war and I was staying in a room which seemed to be in a building like a college dormitory. It appeared all my comrades had already left for the last day of the conflict and I was preparing to leave. But I wasn't in any big hurry, because I didn't expect the day to be eventful.

The door to my room was open and suddenly I noticed a woman standing in the hall in front of my room. I walked to the door and took a closer look. She was no older than 25, had shoulder length, frizzy light brown hair, had a shapely figure and was very attractive. I spoke to her and immediately had the impression she would come into my room if I invited her. Indeed she said something about "wrestling" with me.

I reached out for her hand and guided her inside. She followed and after I had led her to my bed, I sat down on the edge of the bed and she stood in front of me. She seemed to be wearing some kind of heavy gray sweater. We talked briefly and then I put my arms around her and squeezed her tightly. It appeared obvious that she was accessible and that we could probably have sex if I wanted to.

But suddenly I became suspicious. I realized the woman could possibly be working for the opposing side in the war and that she might have been sent to deter me from my duty. Without hesitation I immediately rose to my feet and briefly confronted her with my suspicions. Without further ado I left and went to confer with my superiors.

Before I spoke with my superiors I had a vision of part of the battle scene. I saw two young soldiers on our side sitting beside a small rocket launcher about 50 centimeters high. Then I saw an image of two more young soldiers from our side loading a similar rocket launcher. After loading they fired the rocket and I saw that it landed near the first two soldiers, exploded and probably killed them.

I then found myself in a room where my immediate superior was looking at a map. We had become aware that a serious mistake had occurred and our soldiers were now firing at themselves. It appeared the mistake had been caused by a clever ruse of the enemy. And the enemy no longer seemed like our fellow soldiers taking part in a mock battle, but like Vietnamese involved in a real life and death war.

My superior continued perusing the map, finally shouted something as if he understood where the problem was and raced from the room.

After we had discovered what the problem was, we quickly won the battle. I was present when our troops victoriously marched into the enemy camp and took over. I was surprised to discover that many of the officers in the enemy camp had been using some kind of drugs, apparently marijuana, and seemed quite lethargic and intoxicated.

The enemy acknowledged that they had used a ruse when they had told us that part of their troops would be at the officer's house that day and wouldn't take place in the battle. It was true that the troops had been at the house, but that was only to try to make us think that they were no longer interested in fighting the battle. It seemed to me that it had been an ill-advised plan to take so many troops out of service simply to try to deceive us.

Later I went to a cafeteria to eat. I was standing at a salad bar putting food on my plate when I noticed standing near me the woman who had earlier come to my room. I was still wearing green army fatigues, but she was wearing a light dress. Her hair was now black. She seemed even more attractive than before. I stepped up to her and asked if she had gotten what she had wanted. She answered that she hadn't wanted anything and acted as if she had never been working for the enemy to begin with. I still had no proof that she had been working for the enemy and thought I could have been mistaken.

But suddenly it struck me that I still needed to inform my superiors of what had happened between her and me. Indeed I suddenly realized the real test hadn't been whether I would succumb to the woman. I felt as if my superiors had already developed enough trust in me to know that wouldn't occur. The test, however, was whether I would inform my superiors of the incident. My actions would reflect on the future confidence my superiors would place in me. I resolved to disclose immediately everything to my superiors.

However I thought that once that was done, then there would be nothing to prevent me from approaching the woman. I still wanted to know if through all that had happened, she had indeed found something about me that attracted her.

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