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Dream of: 29 April 1987 "White Wine"

I was driving a car which belonged to a woman who was my mother and who was in the car with me. We stopped, walked into a bar and sat down. Several people were sitting at the bar and one had a bottle of white wine. Each of the people at the bar poured some of the wine into what appeared to be shot glasses and took a drink.

The bottle was passed to me and I poured some wine into a shot glass in front of me. My mother, sitting to my right, seemed surprised to see me drinking something alcoholic and seemed to think I wouldn't be able to handle the drink well. I quickly drank my shot glass full and filled another glass, which was the last of the bottle. I drank the second glass.

But then I noticed the wine was having a quick, powerful affect on me. I began thinking I should not be drinking alcohol since I was driving my mother's car and mentioned something to her about it.

We left and went to a place where I began watching what appeared to be home movies with a group of people. The movies had been taken in Europe. A number of nude women were in the movie and I noticed my mother, who was also nude, in the movie.

Finally I walked to the toilet and realized I was in the House in Patriot. In the toilet I saw my mother and my father both completely nude lying together in the bathtub. My mother was lying on her back on top of my father. They were speaking in either French or Italian and they didn't seem to care about my being there.

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