Dream of: 24 April 1987 "Feeling Isolated"

As I was standing next to a swimming pool, a boy (probably in his late teens) dived into the water. Another boy dived in after him, but the first boy swam under water so the second boy couldn't catch him. Finally the first boy surfaced and the second boy caught up with him.

The water looked rather dirty (it had a dull yellowish tinge), but I decided to jump in anyway. Once in the water, however, I decided it was too dirty and wanted out. I saw some water spigots beside the pool where I thought I could probably wash off.

When I climbed out of the pool, I wished I had some friends I could talk with I was feeling lonely and isolated. I saw a young girl nearby and she seemed as if she might be a sister of mine. I wished she were my sister, so I could talk to her about my solitude.

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