Dream of: 23 April 1987 "Outflight"

I had returned to Texas and had gone to visit Lynn (a Waco attorney) and Vaughn at their law office. I found Lynn, who was surprised to see me, and he told me Vaughn now had an office on the next floor down. I went down to where Vaughn's office was supposed to be, but Vaughn wasn't there. I was surprised the office didn't seem nearly as nice as the offices Vaughn had had in the past. Three old metal desks were in the office and no office personnel was in sight.

Finally Vaughn appeared and I began talking with him. It soon became clear that he had broken his association with Lynn and Terrell, and that he was now on his own. Apparently the separation had been acrimonious.

I mentioned that the worst thing was that most of the law books had belonged to Terrell or Lynn and now he didn't have any law books to use for research. But he said several other lawyers had offices on that floor and he could use their books.

I noticed a couple other rooms in the office and I considered the possibility that I might be able to rent one. I knew the rent was fairly cheap in this building and I thought it would probably cost about $200 a room.

But first I knew I needed to bring up the fact that I had missed some payments on a debt I owed Vaughn and Lynn. I told Vaughn I knew it was "inexcusable" for me to be behind in my payments, but I hoped he would still be able to excuse me. He looked at me as if he were disappointed in me, but he still didn't criticize me.

Finally he said that I no longer owed him anything and that Lynn had taken over the debt when he and Lynn had separated. He said he thought Lynn was probably going to sue me in an "outflight" action, because I was out of the country.

I was unhappy Lynn had been thinking of suing me. I thought I needed to speak with him immediately. I might have to declare bankruptcy if we couldn't reach an agreement.

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