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Dream of: 21 April 1987 "Preparing A Speech"

happiness may be

found when one's destiny is

finally acheived

My father was preparing to run for president of the United States. He had named me as his running-mate for vice president and even though he had not yet been elected, I had already begun serving as vice president.

Some people were going to meet that day and my father wanted me to give a speech at the meeting. President Ronald Reagan (against whom my father was running) and Reagan's vice president, George H. W. Bush, were both going to be at the meeting. After I told my father that I would give the speech, I conferred with him about it, uncertain what I would say.

As we talked, I pulled out a small piece of paper and began writing down some topics which I wanted to mention in the speech which mainly focused on the election. I wanted to bring up the argument that Reagan had already served two terms as president and that I believed there was a Constitutional argument that he should not be allowed to serve a third term. I remembered something about Franklin Roosevelt having run for a third term as president, but I could not remember the exact Constitutional argument concerning the matter, so for the topic, I simply wrote on my paper, "Constitutional."

I tried to think of other topics I wanted to mention. Thinking I should probably talk about the high rate of unemployment, I wrote, "unemployment," on my paper. The more I thought about unemployment, however, the more I realized that the unemployment rate at the present was only around four percent and that the unemployment rate had been much higher when Reagan had first come to office. Since a low unemployment rate was a point in Reagan's favor, I thought perhaps I should not bring up the unemployment argument.

I also thought I might mention that Bush was related to Reagan, and that Reagan had therefore used his high office to appoint his relatives, but then I remembered that my own father had appointed me to be vice president and I decided I probably should not bring up that argument.

As my father and I talked, I noticed we were already in the room where the meeting was to take place. People were sitting in chairs on two opposite sides of the room facing each other about thrity people on each side. Reagan and Bush were sitting on the other side from me, talking with each other. I knew that Bush was likewise going to give a speech and I thought he and Reagan were probably conferring about Bush's speech.

I left the room to go to the toilet and I found two doors which apparently led to the men's and women's toilets. On one door was written the German word "Herren" for men, but nothing was written on the other door. I was just about to walk into what I thought was the men's toilet when a portly woman (about 40 years old) stepped in front of me and walked through the door.

I was confused by her action and as I stood perplexed, about thirty young women (mostly in their late teens) began gathering around me in front of the toilet doors. I mingled with them and before I knew it, we had all entered a room, perhaps one of the toilets, and had all sat down. The young women had sat on two sides of the room facing each other and I was sitting right in the middle looking down the aisle in front of them.

I thought if I wanted, I could stand and give a speech to them concerning the elections. I thought I might as well do so, because I was soon to begin arguing legal cases in front of juries and this would be a good opportunity for me to practice. Besides, I rather liked the looks of some of the young women and I thought they would be impressed when they knew that I was vice president.

I stood and began talking, but almost immediately I began fantasizing that the room was gradually filling up with water, like a sauna. All the young women had taken off their clothes and were playing and floating in the water. The place had an oriental ambiance about it and I imagined the president of Japan was present. I fantasized I was having sex with some of the young women and I imagined myself in various sexual positions with them. In my fantasy, however, I still could not clearly see their bodies and when I looked for their breasts, I could not seem to discern them.

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