Dream of: 11 April 1987 (2) "Godland"

I was standing on a hillside near a monastery, talking with a monk (probably in his mid 20s) who lived there. He seemed like a wholesome friendly person. I explained to him I would like to fast for 50 days. But since I was uncertain I wanted to fast alone, I was thinking of writing to monks in several monasteries and challenging them to fast with me.

Although the monk spoke English, the language was obviously not his native tongue. He expressed interest in my plan, and wanted to know what the monks and I would talk about for 50 days. He asked me if I were interested in politics (apparently thinking we might discuss politics during the 50 days) and he mentioned something about Ethiopia. A little later he again mentioned Ethiopia, but the second time called it "Ethia." I corrected him and told him the proper pronunciation.

Although it was true that I was interested in politics, I thought it might not matter. I was unsure the monks and I would even be together while we fasted. We might not meet until the end of the fast. By then, the monks would have saved so much money from not eating, they could afford to buy plane tickets so we could meet somewhere.

The monk asked me if I had heard of a place called "Godland," and whether I had ever been there. I couldn't remember exactly, but I thought perhaps I had been there in my dreams.

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