Dream of: 11 April 1987 "Blue Tomato"

I was in a school cafeteria going through the food line. When I was almost to the end, I realized I had very little on my tray, looked back over the food and saw a kind of fruit or vegetable I had never seen before. It looked like either an apple or a tomato and had a bluish color mixed with white. I picked one up and asked a woman behind the counter what it was. She told me it was a kind of tomato and I put it on my tray. I reflected that at one time I would have hesitated to have even asked a stranger about something like that, but now I felt comfortable doing so.

I walked with my food into the cafeteria and sat down at a long table where a number of other people were sitting. We immediately began talking about the blue tomato, which probably half the people had on their trays. I was told that about a half hour after eating it, one's breath became terribly foul smelling. I thought that would be interesting.

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